Buying on Auction

For many years now the public have been led to believe that buying on Auction is cheaper than buying from a dealer. What most innocent buyers do not know about buying on auction is the following:

1. No recourse –‘ Voetstoets’ still applies to auction houses. If the bike self-destructs a week later you have no recourse. 2. Accident Damage – Many Rebuilders of accident damaged bikes sell their stock on auction. 3. True Year of Manufacture – Innocent buyers may be under the impression they are getting a good deal on a 2014 model when in fact the bike was manufactured in 2008. We experience this daily. 4. If a motorcycle was repossessed, did the previous owner have the funds to maintain it correctly? 5. When buying on auction many buyers forget to take VAT into consideration when it comes time to pay.

If you are going to buy on auction, do your homework. Let us help you – Please come in to the store with a copy of the VIN number, a photo of the bike and we will give you information and a market value, so that you can make an informed decision.

This service is free of charge but we cannot assist you over the phone.


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