Motorcycle Theft in SA

Motorcycle theft has increased by an enormous percentage as the price of new bikes has increased dramatically creating a demand for second hand motorcycles. Most motorcycles are simply picked up and loaded on the back of a bakkie and taken away. Many accident damaged motorcycles that are written off are often repaired and put back onto the market, a demand for spares is created and therefore more bikes are being stolen and stripped for spares.

So what do you do to protect your bike which is precious and cannot be replaced? An Alarm? A recovery device? A tracking device? Well this is where you need to be sure of what you are fitting and who fits it.

As an example a recovery device is a device that does not ‘live’ track your motorcycle, once you report your motorcycle stolen to the company concerned, they will start searching for it. These devices are the size of a matchbox and rely on cell phone towers and other vehicles or beacons to pick up the device, advantage is no wiring – disadvantage is thieves know where to find them and it might be hours before you realise your bike has been stolen.

A wired tracking device allows the motorcycle to be tracked live via GPS/GSM and often have an early warning system to alert the tracking company that your bike is being moved or tampered with. Advantage is precise, live tracking, built in battery, disadvantage - it is wired into your harness.

My advice? As always make sure you know whether the device being fitted is a recovery device or tracking device and that the company or installer is specific to motorcycles and understands how thieves search for tracking devices. I often remove a seat only to find a tracking device in my immediate view rendering it useless.

Companies that specialise in motorcycles know how to install a device that cannot be easily found and do not wire the device into your harness which can affect CAN systems on modern motorcycles. Lastly, make sure the bike you are buying has an honest or traceable background.


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